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Renu has a gentle, but powerful spirit and immediately made me feel at ease and safe, which was appreciated because of the reason I was referred to her. She helped me to let go of a lot of fear and anxiety which in turn has made my daily life so much easier. I would recommended her to anyone who is just tired of letting the past continue to affect the present.

--Beth R. Delray Beach, FL

I was stressed beyond belief with a court case, and tired, from over seeing my mother's care, i needed to get away but could not take the time, i really needed help and support and these once or twice a week sessions really helped to put things in perspective so i could function at the highest level creatively, spiritually, and energetically. Diane is ridiculously reasonable for the amazing help she gives. she comes to your place or you go to hers. But don't believe me, give it a try yourself. It is a balm to the heart, mind, and body, feel for yourself, what it's like

to feel supported, and at peace, at last.

--Fay R. Beverly Hills, CA

Thank you, Renu for helping to clear the path for my healing! 

I’m in physical therapy for adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) and was referred to Renu.

I was already interested in meditation for its potential health and happiness benefits, but I didn’t know where to start. When I heard about Renu's Yoga Nidra guided meditation, it appealed to me because her guidance focuses on relaxation and increasing healing. I had no idea how lucky I was to be in the right place at the right time.

I’ve now been to three sessions (I’m going every week) and she has helped me so much already. I am amazed at how energized and refreshed I feel after each session, even from the first one. Renu has a calming style and the meditation is remarkably effective. I’m able to relax more deeply and let go of tension I’ve held in my body (some of which I didn’t even know was there!). I feel almost buoyant and so much better than before I started and my physical therapy is progressing more smoothly as a result. Everyone has noticed the difference in me. I highly recommend Renu to anyone who needs help with relaxation or healing, you will be happy you tried it.

— Jennifer K. Venice, CA

“It was like having a massage in your soul, from the inside out"

G.C. Los Angeles, CA

Renu does a kind of therapy that is different from anything I have done before. I like to talk and think and analyze, and with most I my friends I can do exactly that - with gusto. All the therapy I have ever done in the past was exactly along those lines: talking and analyzing, analyzing and talking. There may certainly be benefit in that, but Renu has a radically different approach. She bypasses the logical (left brain) circuitry and goes straight to the energy reservoirs that have been built up over many years of life and experiences.

So what does that do? Hard to capture in words. First, she brought me into a state of very deep relaxation, actually close to being asleep. From there, she entered the realm of some deeply ingrained false thought patterns that I have carried with me for almost as long as I live. We carry things in our body that we don't even know of. It is in this realm of semi-conscious and subconscious behavioral patterns that Renu does her subtle (and at times not very subtle, in my case the floodgates were opened) "reprogramming". What is learned during these sessions needs constant affirmation during our daily lives, and that is where the homework kicks in.

In only two sessions, I came to experience a deeper sense of value and self-respect. It will need constant reinforcement, because some of our false beliefs are very deeply rooted and I could easily slip back into old behavior. So meditation and consciously applying positive affirmations become an important part of the work. I apply the affirmations daily in my spiritual practice. Interestingly, my wife and I (who had been separated for many months) came back together only a few days ago. It would go too far to contribute that solely to the two sessions I had with Renu, but I came to a place where I was totally ready to let go of our relationship - knowing that I would be absolutely fine. I also knew that I deserved to be loved for who I am rather than for the fulfilling of expectations and conditions. There is some magic that happened there.

--Martin C., Los Angeles, CA

I use the meditation tape to help me to fall asleep every night. Renu's voice is very soothing and I love how she talks about butterflies and counting my breath.

-Lauren Age 11

I never do testimonials raving about the talents of a person but in this case I am moved to do it. I have benefited so much, instantly, from the help of Renu, this master Reiki therapist, that I have to share. I am hoping that if it resonates with you, you might give her a call or if you know of someone else who could benefit from this energy transforming therapist, you will forward this website to them. I had never been to a reiki therapist and never knew what reiki was, and how it worked. I had writer's block and it was cured in one reiki/yoga nidra session never to return.

-Diana W. Marina del Rey, CA

Beforehand I was not convinced with the, "peace and harmony" thing. But, during my enlightening session I felt renewed, fresh in one way or another. It felt empowering knowing that I had peace in my mind. I fully believe I now know the way to my mind and clearness.

-Molly Age 12

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